Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving List

Every blogger in the US will be blogging their list of things for which they give thanks. Who am I to buck this trend?

My top 10:

1. My wife, without whom little else I'm thankful for would be possible. Who's stuck by me through good and bad, and who continues to stick with me, and I have no doubt will be by my side for all my living days.

2. Our boys. The greatest kids a dad could ever dream of having. My companions through some of the greatest experiences of my life. We worked side by side, we played side by side, we experienced life to the fullest at that time. They are at various stages of early adulthood, and I love, respect, and envy all 3 of them.

3. Our girls. God's gift to us, for a reason I've yet to understand. A second chance at this parenting thing, an opportunity to correct mistakes made the first time around, and an excuse to slow down and enjoy life.

4. Our house. 3.5 years ago we were in a small house, 7 of us in a small 3 bedroom house. We had our downstairs seperated with office dividers to give them some measure of privacy. I got it in my head that we were going to move, even though we had just dumped a failing business a few years before, and our credit wasn't perfect because of that. But with the help of a couple of brothers, one of hers, one of mine, we made it happen. I found a big house a few doors away from the house where I spent most of my teenage years. Priced well under market, at the upper end of our price range. Several things happened that almost made it not happen, but it came together. 5 bedrooms, plenty of room, steel siding, new roof, big deck, beautiful yard, sprinkler system - it's got everything we could ever want in an incredible neighborhood. Walking distance to all schools, a short stroll to a beautiful park, some great neighbors. It's perfect.

5. My job. It's been very unpleasant lately, and it may get worse before it gets better (if it gets better) but it's still a good job for me. I'm making more money than I've ever made, and the benefits are pretty good. And I enjoy the work most days.

6. Those serving our nation in the armed forces and other volunteer services.

7. Our church. We went last night, and it's an incredible place. Music is such a large part of this church, and our daughters both sang last night. It was wonderful. The adult choir is very good, and I love listening to them. I sang with them for a few years, but ended up quitting when my schedule got too hectic. But I love listening to them. And the people at this church are so friendly and genuine. I truly like all of them. I spent some time talking to a physician and his wife who both have taken multiple trips to Afghanistan tending to their people. They had a relative from Norway with them, and he was interesting also. But this church helped us when we had financial difficulties a few years ago, also when our son was in jail, and nobody was never judgemental.

8. Technology. I truly love technology. I'm sitting here at the computer, blogging, listening to KPIG Radio in California playing Madeleine Peyroux - this is SO sweet! I love to write, it's my outlet, my therapy. Without Blogger, and another website devoted to my writing, I would have no outlet for this writing. I also love to program, it's an outlet for my bipolar charged mind. I have the opportunity to sit down in my bedroom and do ALL of this. Technology is SO cool!

9. My family, such as my parents and brothers. My wife gets upset with them, but that's the nature of an inlaw relationship. They're all, in their own way, part of my support chain and lifeline that keeps me going.

10. That I live in the USA. There may be faults, but it's the greatest country in the world. The fact I can sit here and complain about the faults and our leaders is evidence of this. I know that if desired, I, one person from The Heartland, can make a difference in this country and it's direction. That's the great thing about our country, with our form of government, one person can ABSOLUTELY make a difference. Our natural resources are incredible, our country and scenery incredible, beauty is everywhere. Happiness can be pursued in so many ways.


Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jon!!

Jon said...

Back atcha, RB!

Belinda said...


jane said...

That's a wonderful list & I think the things you're thankful for are what's really important things in life.
I agree wholeheartedly about our country. It may not be perfect, but the fact we can dissent says a lot about it.
Family is so huge. You've obviously got a lot of love for every avenue of your family.
What a joy to read. Thank you for sharing.

Jon said...

Thanks Jane and Belinda.