Thursday, November 17, 2005

Random Notes

I'm still not enjoying this colder weather, but I'm getting a kick out of co-workers overseas trying to understand it. I lead a technical team based in India, and these are all kids 25 and under who have never left their country. They just don't grasp the concept of snow. It's so funny listening to them trying to understand our weather. 70 degrees one day, then later that same week we have snow on the ground. Try explaining a snow plow to someone from a warm country, it's a hoot!


My boys are the greatest. They have the greatest taste in movies, music, and so forth. They have talked the wife and I into some of the greatest movies we might never have watched otherwise. Gems like Office Space, Fight Club, The Big Lebowski, I (Heart) The Hendersons, and tonight, Anchorman. What an off the wall movie! Hilarious! I can't imagine what life would be like without our kids.


And speaking of movies...

An old man and his old wife were sitting on the couch watching a movie. A steamy scene came on, and the wife nudged her husband. Whispering in his ear she says "remember when that was us?" The husband nodded longingly. The wife said "It's been so long, let's run upstairs and make love!"

The husband sat there for a moment, then replied...

"Pick one or the other."

(I'm ashamed to say I'm starting to understand this...)


I signed up for a trial account with eMusic, an online music download service. Office Depot has a special, if you buy a 50 spindle of Verbatim CDs, you get a 100 song free trial membership. So far I'm liking it. If you're a top 40 music person, don't bother as there's very little music you'd like. But if you like offbeat labels, indie artists, and lesser known music, this service is for you. I'm having a great time browsing through the library. So far I've only downloaded 2 albums (they offer single click complete album downloads), I'm limiting myself to one album a night. I've grabbed a band called Cross Canadian Ragweed, kind of a punk bluegrass/country band from Texas. Good stuff if you like that kind of genre. Also, a band called The Black Keys, which I'd classify as grunge blues. Also very good stuff. Tonight, I'm looking for more "punk bluegrass". The Gourds? Hayseed Dixie? Split Lip Rayfield? Decisions, decisions...