Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kyle Home

Kyle came home yesterday, he was gone 6 days. He was home when Karen got home from work, acting like nothing had happened. We sat him down that evening, and told him he was an adult, and could do what he wanted to do, but he needs to consider the people who love him when he disappears. He seemed genuinely surprised that we cared, and that he had us worried.

So, it's life as normal. I never see him anyway, he avoids me like the plague, but at least I know he's safe.

Thanks again to all for your comments and emails. It meant a lot to Karen and I.


Teressa said...

Glad to see that he is home. I know you must of been so worried as I would of been. God bless.

Jon said...

Thanks Teressa. It is a relief to know he's OK.

BiPolar Guy said...

Have you ever considered that Kyle might have BiPolar?

Not that I'm knocking his behaviour or anything, but BiPolar is OFTEN passed on to our children.

Jon said...

Bipolar Guy - Kyle is bipolar. It was that realization and the resulting knowledge that led me to the realization that I also suffer from bipolar disorder. I'm glad you brought that up, however, I blogged on that today.