Friday, January 13, 2006

A Lot Of Work Ahead

They've blocked Blogger in my company's security settings! I'm seriously bummed! So this may or may not go through. I can access blogs, but cannot access blogger, or comments. I'm doing this post through GMail. So if this post comes out very garbled, you'll know why, and I'll correct it when I can. I'm also saving this post in a text format so I can replace it when I get home after the second job tonight.

Checked out Gen's blog again today, and she's getting things going her way. I really admire her for being so persistant in locating help given her frame of mind. I can't imagine how difficult that would be.

My main hobby is anything computer related. I do some web design, and some web hosting, and run a small web hosting business. (Begin shameless plug: go to for hosting plans and information). I have MANY web sites for my own use, for organizations I'm associated with, for family members, and for customers. I have several servers I use, and due to issues I've recently experienced I have to move all my sites on my main server to another. Talk about a PITA! I'll be doing this for a week or two. And I use mostly sites with a database back end, such as content management systems and message boards, so this makes it so much more than merely uploading some files.

If anyone out there needs any advice on this topic, don't hesitate to let me know. I know I wasn't able to help Belinda much on a comment issue she had the other day (for some reason I am getting returned emails a few days after each comment I make on your blog, BTW), but for design questions, or domain questions, or registration questions, or setting up your site, or any kind of code, or similar, I'd be happy to help.


BiPolar Guy said...

Moral of the story: choose your server and webhost very carefully.

I went thru the same shit recently with an ASP, SQL backend - what a ballache!!

Jon said...

I hear ya, bipolar guy. I had a great host, but they were sold, and after 2 months things went to hell.

That's the thing about the hosting industry, you look for the smaller companies with good service, dependability, and flexibility, and they get swallowed up by investors and larger companies.

Maggs said...

i've been toying around the eye of getting my own domain and doing my own hosting-not sure how to start it.

Jon said...

Maggs - here's a getting-started guide. As I have time I'll also try to do one on blogging, and how to do that with your own domain.

Getting started

gen said...

computer geeks unite. :)

i seem to redesign, recode and reprogram my entire site when i'm extremely manic. i've gone through two completely different layouts and backend systems in the past month. *laughing*

maybe i'll switch over to your hosting. i should check it out!