Thursday, January 05, 2006

NAMI Meeting

Went to another NAMI meeting tonight. I really like going to these meetings, I come away with a lot of motivation and ideas for my son. And also for myself, but that's not why I go.

I've written about this before, but it bears repeating countless times. NAMI stands for National Alliance On Mental Health. It's a national organization, but many, if not most, medium to larger communities have NAMI chapters. Many of these local chapters sponsor support groups. Karen and I got started attending these meetings several months ago, and the information we found has been invaluable.

Now this being said, my son would not feel comfortable in the "Consumers" support group. Some of the people have been institutionalized for much of their lives, and I don't think he'd open up in those conditions. But the support group for loved ones and caretakers is excellent. Many people participate, all in the same boat we are. In this setting, a consumer would be welcome in either group.

I blogged earlier about a support chain. This is another excellent link in that chain. And it's as valuable for loved ones as it is for those suffering from a mental disorder, and perhaps more so. Very few of our significant others have a clue what we go through. I would like to see everyone research their local chapters, and find out if they offer support groups. Grab your spouse or SO, and drag them to a meeting. If you can't go, send them. If they won't go, go yourself. If your group is anything like the one we've been attending, you'll be glad you attended.


Maggs said...

I'm still trying to get the St. Louis chapter to let me become a NAMI member!

Jon said...

We are not members in our chapter, just attend the support groups. I actually don't yet know what is involved in membership.