Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Depressionhurts Wrap-Up

A final note on my Depression Hurts posts depressionhurts.com - post 1 and depressionhurts.com - part 2:

My Google rankings have plummeted since making my last post. If I were a cynical man (oh wait! I am!) I'd say that Lilly did some arm twisting of Google based on advertising dollars.

Oh well, if I got the word out to a single person about that piece of shit drug Cymbalta, it was WELL worth it.


Jackie said...

Well, I am very disappointed. The add is very compelling. I have alot of physical symtoms in the last few years and I have never really seen much about the physical side of it. When I read the post from the Mother who had two late sons I could really relate to her symtoms. I liked the advice you gave her. I would like to tell her that the flavour of food does come back - I have had that. This time through the gauntlet has been a long drawn out affair and I am fed up with it, I really am. At this point I am taking 60 mg of celexa and 250 mg of wellbutrin. I also take 38 mg of concerta for ADD. Last year I had one of those grand maul type depressions where I seriously can't move much, think much, feel much. My Shrink put me on 150 mg of wellbutrin in addition to the celexa and I fired right out of the hole. I could not believe the turn around. This year I didn't go as low but the duration is killing me. The toughest part for me is the fear and anxioty on the faces of the people I love. My depression really hurts my Mom, she said it's like watching me be tortured. My boyfriend doesn't know why it is necessary for me to go through so much pain and can't figure out what the spiritual purpose of my depression could possibly be. Me, I know no amount of praying is going to fix it. I have finally started going to the gym, which I detest, but I gotta tell you it does help with my mood. Especially the anger and irritability. Not doing much for the sleeping issue but with that much wellbutrin in me what the hell do I expect. When ever this happens to me, which I have come to fear, I hang on to the idea that I always have an amazing patch of personal growth when it is over. Squirrles hyburnate so why can't I? Oh yah I can't afford it. Thanks for letting me vent. I needed it and no one in my immediate circle needed to hear it...again. Hang in there my fellows.