Thursday, December 29, 2005

Great Night

Had a great time last night!

First of all, let me preface this by saying that so much of last night was completely out of character for us.

First of all, yesterday Karen bought a new pair of hip-hugger jeans and a low cut sweater. She's very conservative (in many ways ;-) ), we rarely spend money on ourselves, and rarely buy clothes that are not on clearance. But she looked GREAT. From the front it was difficult to look her in the eyes, and from the back you'd follow her anywhere.

We went to a local night club where the festivities were taking place. We got there about 30 minutes before game time, and were one of maybe 10 people there. We grabbed a good table and ordered up our first round. The people trickled in through the evening, but a guy sits next to us early on with a couple of ladies. Crazy mofo. He introduced himself, and we had fun all night. This guy was a gas. Towards the end of the game, my boss showed up with her date. She's as crazy as any of them, and a lot of fun to party with. The Huskers came from behind and won, and the place was PACKED AND ROCKIN' by the end of the game. Big Red scored 4 touchdowns, which meant 4 free shots. Some combination of red vodka and schnapps. Very tasty. One of the members of The Iguanas is from our town, and his father was in the crowd. The father is also a musician, and was walking around during the game with a mariachi trumpet playing the "Charge!" song, and the Cornhusker fight song. The crowd was into it. But the game didn't get over until after 11:00 and our state's closing time is 1:00 AM. We only got The Iguanas for a little over an hour.

But the band was great. They found a couple of old friends in the crowd to join them, so they added an extra percussionist, a trumpet, and a clarinet. Yes, a clarinet. And these guys COOKED. Excellent players, they stepped right in and blew some great solos. The Iguanas, of course, are always good. From the first tune to "Para Donde Vas" (from the Phenomenon soundtrack) closing out the night, the dance floor was shoulder to shoulder, and people were having a great time. People were dancing in the aisles, and those not dancing were on their feet moving anyway. And like all Iguanas shows, the crowd varied from kids to people over 70. All dancing, moving, and having a GREAT time. Something about their music bridges ages, everyone seems to enjoy it.

It was one of the more enjoyable evenings I've spent in years.

We slept in this morning, and got up to a terrible headache (surprise, surprise). I counted my money, and found I spent a hundred dollars last night. This was on drinks and 2 $15 tickets. No wonder we had such a good time. I know many people drop a hundred bucks (or more) each time they go out, but for us this is HUGE. I have my bipolar spending tendencies reigned in tightly. But you know what? It was worth EVERY CENT. We don't do this often enough.

If The Iguanas ever come to your town, see them. Grab someone who is not afraid to dance, and have fun.


Nilla said...

I'm not your mommy, so I'll say this once. Bi-Polar people are NOT SUPPOSED TO DRINK. Okay, all done. Do whatever you want, but I feel better now :)

Jon said...

I understand, Nilla. And I know people don't believe me, but I absolutely DO NOT have a problem with alcohol. And that is NOT denial talking. Now controlled substances could be a problem if I were to allow myself to use those.

But I absolutely appreciate your input, and my Pdoc says the same thing.

Nilla said...

Nono no! I don't mean you have a problem with it. I don't either. I used to go out and drink just fine. It's that alcohol messes with the chemical balance of the brain. And if you're taking medications, I'm betting every single one of them says "don't drink alcohol". I check all my medications on myself. Sometimes I find stuff even my doctor doesn't know! Oh, and I have a spending problem too. Now, THAT is a horrible problem to have.....

Jon said...

Nilla, I understand. And spending problems go right along with Bipolar Disorder.

Thanks for the Webmd link. I just researched my meds.

jane said...

It's obvious you're so madly in love with your wife; that's outstanding! You 2 surely needed this night out on the town, I'm glad it turned out to be even more than you'd planned on.

Since you didn't ask, I won't comment on the alcohol thing. But, if you did ask, I'd agree with Nilla.
And I realize this may be overstepping my boundaries, and you'll probably hate me for this, but if you can think that Kyle may be looking up to you for his example. Remember the do as I say, not as I do thing? It's got nothing to do with age, but everything to do with being bipolar.
It's a toxic mix.

Jon said...

Jane - It's been 25 years, and many of those were incredibly difficult years. But the one constant, the one thing I could always depend on was my wife. I am a lucky man.

We have had numerous discussions with Kyle about alcohol. He knows that some people can use alcohol socially, and that some can't, and he has admitted he cannot. I appreciate everyone's concern with my alcohol use.

jane said...

I'm sorry for getting on your case. I was out of line & am sincerely apologetic.

Jon said...

Jane - I'm not in the least upset or offended. I appreciate your input.