Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Internet Addiction?

A blogger that I read regularly, and link to, has declared herself addicted to the internet, and she has unplugged.

That causes me to take pause.

My leisure activities have always been obsessive. No matter what it is, I have thrown myself full-body into it. I had been avoiding the conclusion that my internet use is an obsession. I call it writing, and I am writing. I call it programming, and I do program. I call it business, and I do have a web hosting business that brings in a little money. It is all of these things, but it's also an obsession.

This scares me, on several levels.

First, I earn my living programming, managing programmers, and as a technical business analyst. I am very good at what I do, primarily because my technical knowledge gives me an edge over the others I work with. I have this knowledge through my drive to be technically knowledgeable, to be adept at several programming languages, and my need to be the best at what I do. But this all feeds into an internet obsession. If I were to walk away from this obsession, I would give up my edge. With my personality I would find another obsession, and that obsession might just sabotage my career, as has happened in the past.

So, as I see it, I do one of 2 things. I continue as I am today, spending most of my free time on the computer, or I climb off the technology treadmill and find a new career. It really does seem to be black and white for me. I guess that's the downside to my personality. The upside is my drive to be the most knowledgeable, the most competent, and really the best at everything I do. Hence, the obsession. I just cannot do anything half way. It's balls-to-the-wall, or I don't bother.


Belinda said...

Guilty. Not BP, but a tetch OCD. As you say, either totally committed ot not interested. No "half-fast", as my Dad would've said, participation for me.

And I do take regular breaks of a day or more from the computer, because it can overtake me if I'm not careful.

Jon said...

I think it has overtaken me. But with my personality, it will always be something. Would the next obsession be worse than my current?

Thanks for your comments, Belinda

Anonymous said...

Ya, that sounds like me allright. I'm back, and as addicted as ever. Moderation seems to be a lost art around here...

Anonymous said...

My husband is a computer tech. for a large community bussiness.He is completly sucked into it. Like a slave he must go to the master (computer) every morning as soon as he gets up and be "connected" . As soon as he gets home from work, the same thing. On week-ends he is in the Ever Quest game (8 hours straight this last saturday.) But as you say, if not on the internet or playing games what else would be his complultion? could be out drinking, chasing tail, getting into fights and D.U.I.'s. Could spend every week-end "with the boys" so to say. I don"t know alot about computers, and like you he has all that knowledge, and has to have the best and newest of everyone. Totally obsessed. But I am very proud of him. He learned all this on his own, and is very good at what he does. He's very well liked at work. The new stuff that is happening so fast scares me. And I'm not sure I want all the "new-best stuff". And I don"t like being locked out of his (computer-land.)I don't know what he has accsess to or what he downloads and records. Been there, am there, Fear of the unknown. Julie in Washington.