Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Iguanas!

No matter how bad things go at work, and it HAS been unbearable, no matter what goes wrong today, it's going to be a good day. Two things tonight will make it all worthwile.

First, my Cornhuskers play their bowl game tonight. The wife and I are going to a club not far from home to watch the game. Free food, free shots for each Nebraska touchdown - it will a great time.

Then immediately after the game, performing live...

The Iguanas!

Seeing this band live is as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. Hailing from New Orleans they have been voted New Orleans best party band many times. Their music is a mix of cajun, Tex-mex, Mexican, blues, rock, country... Don't try to put them in a box, they won't fit. Guitar player doubling on accordian, 2 saxes, bass, drums. They have a sound that's very unique. Los Lobos meets Morphine, infused with a beat that you can't help but dance to. Any band that can get this overweight, gray haired 46 year old on the dance floor is impressive, and I'll be dancing my ASS off.

Here's some samples from their web site:
Flame On
Oye Isabel

Eat your hearts out. :-)


Nilla said...

Sounds fun, except for the shots part. The last time I had a drink was almost four years ago, before I started all the medication I'm on now. Yay.

Jon said...

Nilla - It WAS fun. My Huskers won, and even though The Iguanas only had a little over an hour to play until last call, it was still a great show.

Anonymous said...

Oh my GAWD! A HUSKER fan;) the Alamo Bowl was quite a game wasn't it? I just ran across your blog yesterday...I am bipolar (and have denied it for many years! but things are falling apart...if you know what I mean) So, I need a referral to a GOOD p-doc...are you in NE? your p-doc sounds like a good one!! Thanks for any help with this! have a Happy NEW YEAR :)

Jon said...

I'm in Nebraska, but I can't say that the Pdoc I'm seeing is decent or not. I was just diagnosed myself, and so I've only seen him once. I go the second time next week. This was a referral from my physician. The guy is probably good, but is also somewhat of a jerk.

I'd look for a referral from your physician, your insurance will probably need it anyway.

And the Huskers pulled it off, huh? Great game.

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